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Pricing & Payment

The cost of a stem cell or PRP procedure is a major part of the decision making process. If not for the cost, stem cell and PRP procedures would be one of the first and most important tools for treatment of many conditions. As you likely know, at this time insurance does not cover these procedures.

Native Stem Cell strives to bring you the best price for the highest quality injections and service. Additionally, we offer a payment plan in which you can pay half down at the time of your injection and pay the remaining balance over 12 months. For our happy patients who tell their friends and family about Native Stem Cell, we offer a referral bonus for any referral that completes a stem cell or PRP injection. Please call the office for more information about specific pricing, our payment plans, and referral bonuses.

As you compare prices with other clinics, please keep in mind that not all stem cell injections are the same. Native Stem Cell uses the highest quality harvesting and processing equipment and your treatment will always be handled by a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon from start to finish including any follow up care.

Like you, we hope that the price of these therapies will come down and be covered by health insurance, but in the meantime we do everything we can to control costs and provide the highest quality service at the lowest price.

Remember, the initial consult is always free and with our orthopedic-guided care, you will never be recommended a treatment that will not help your condition.

Our experienced staff will be happy to talk to you about ways to ease the financial burden including payment plan options, using an HSA or FSA, advice for medical expense deduction on your taxes and other options.